For almost a decade, Callow has been perfecting their palette of foreboding, spectral tunes that seem to emanate from somewhere in the darkest heart of the woods... Their work is like a subterranean dimension that exists beneath familiar mainstreamed neo-folk: atmospheric lamentations of woe cut with wistfulness.
— The Bay Bridged

Based in the SF Bay, CALLOW is a dream/doom duo whose sound is dark, cathartic, and straight from the gut. 

Red Moses // vocals, guitar

Sami Knowles // drums, keys, vocals

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“A splendid avant-garde magic”
— SF Gate
Powerful, meaningful tracks.
— SF Chronicle
In a word: Penetrating
— The Aquarian
From the black depths of the ocean.
— Sythesis Weekly


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Callow isn’t afraid of slow tempos, or of letting a song steep in cymbal wash or droning guitar before bursting into an assault of harmonies and murky, haunting chords. At times reminiscent of Timber Timbre, their music is the sound of nightfall, of pitch-black impenetrable woods, or mournful cries from distant mountaintops.
— The Bay Bridged
Some of the most gorgeously haunting and mesmerizing tune-smithing we have heard in many a long, lonely night.
— Mad Mackerel
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